5 Easy Make-Ahead & No-Bake Lunchbox Snacks

Want to improve your kid's nutrition at lunchtime? Check out these five recipes that will help you easily incorporate Healthy Height into your child's favorite lunchbox treats and snacks.

No-Bake Birthday Cake Protein Balls 

Recipe by Bethany, RD behind @kansascitydietitian

These yummy protein balls require only 5 ingredients, but they're packed with the growth-boosting nutrition kids need with the addition of Healthy Height. Plus, who can say no to sprinkles?

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No-Bake Nut Butter Bites 

Recipe by Alex, RD behind @thefamilynutritionist

All you need is nut butter, oats, Healthy Height and honey! Simply mix the ingredients, roll into balls and freeze. It doesn't get easier than this. 

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No-Bake Cinnamon Squares

Recipe by Aimee, RD behind @lovefullyfuelsimply

Nutrient-packed and tasty! These chewy squares are a great option to round out your picky eater's lunchbox.

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Make-Ahead Nutrient-Packed Muffins

Recipe by Edwena, RD behind @mylittleeater

These muffins are low in sugar and loaded with spinach and protein! The appealing muffin shape will help your picky eaters get the nutrients they need.

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Make-Ahead Gluten-Free Banana Muffins

Recipe by Kathlena, chef behind @theallergychef

Gluten-free and delicious! But don't just take our word for it. One of our Healthy Height parents recently left this glowing review, saying "Love love love the banana muffin recipe posted on their website. Will be ordering that again just to make those beautiful mini rounds of deliciousness."  

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Make-Ahead Oatmeal Snack Bars

Recipe by Kathlena, chef behind @theallergychef

Do we have any oatmeal fans? Swap the cookies for this nutritious, homemade snack bar! Not only are they yummy, but they are gluten free, egg free, nut free and more. 

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Nutrition to Help Kids Grow - and Sleep!

Every year our team of Pediatricians at Schneider Children's Medical Center have 20,000 visits from children with issues relating to growth. Our doctors wanted to find a non-invasive way to help children grow and the nutrition in our shake mix is the result of their efforts. The nutrition in our shake mix was shown in a clinical study to promote growth in 6 months, as well as improve sleep patterns in kids who take at least 1 serving per day.

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