Expert Video: Is My Child's Picky Eating Normal?

Picky eaters aren't all the same! Kids can be picky eaters as a part of their natural development and will outgrow this behavior, while others have more severe symptoms that impact growth. We partnered with Melanie Potock, feeding specialist and author, to help parents understand the differences between normal picky eating and extreme picky eating. ... Read more

Expert Advice: Preparing Your Back-to-School Nutrition Supplies

It's important to focus on your child's overall nutrition for both physical and academic growth. Noelle Martin, Registered Dietitian, discusses the impact of nutrition on academic performance and how parents can prepare back-to-school nutrition supplies. Learn how to start the day off right with a quality breakfast, and ensure proper nourishment through lunch and after school.... Read more

Nutrient-Dense Mini Donuts

Have a picky eater that needs additional nutrition support? Make a nutrient-dense mini version of a food they love! These dietitian-created mini baked donuts offer extra protein, vitamins and minerals compared to a standard donut recipe. It's a great option to pack nutrients into a favorite breakfast or dessert.... Read more

How to Feed a Picky Eater with Food Chaining

Does your little one regularly drink a sugary nutrition supplement? Maybe you don’t realize, but take a peek at the ingredients. You’ll likely be surprised at what you find. While nutrition supplements are necessary for many kids, several brands include a lot of sugar that little bodies don’t need. If you’re seeing too much sugar on your supplement’s label, consider transitioning to Healthy Height. With only 3g sugar per serving, Healthy Height is a nutrition...... Read more

No-Bake Chewy Cinnamon Squares

Nutritious snack alert! These nutrient packed-squares are simple for busy parents and perfect for picky eaters. They're an easy way to provide extra protein and healthy fats for a growing body, as well as complex carbohydrates for a developing mind. Round out your picky eater's lunchbox with a "treat" like this!... Read more