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Back-to-School Nutrition Guide: 10 Family Blogs for Quick Healthy Dinner Ideas

Back-to-School Nutrition Guide: 10 Family Blogs for Quick Healthy Dinner Ideas

Making quick, healthy dinners can feel impossible during the back-to-school transition. Even as you get into the flow of the new year, it seems like something always comes up. As the to-do’s stack up, making a healthy dinner ends up at the bottom of the list.

That is, until you have the right resources and quick access to recipes that are easy to make—and your kids will love. That’s why we rounded up 10 family blogs that feature delicious dinner ideas that are both quick and healthy. Don’t forget to bookmark your favorites so they’re easy to find for the whole school year.

A Reinvented Mom

Enjoying the good life for less.

This mom is blogging about everything from thrifty living to goal setting, and she has plenty of quick and healthy dinner ideas too. Head to her recipe index to find meals like the 30-minute Asian Beef Bowl or Easy Slow Cooker Lasagna that everyone in the family will love—and that you can make on the busiest of nights.

Check out: Easy Weeknight Chicken Spaghetti

Easy and Delicious

A professional chef sharing easy recipes with simple ingredients.

Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated, and these recipes from Denise, owner of Easy and Delicious, prove that. She focuses on meals from cultures around the world, including her home country of Brazil. She recommends heading directly to her recipe index to find “quick and easy weeknight meals for the busy, everyday home cook, as well as no bake or fuss-free desserts.”

Check it out: 20 Easy Gluten-Free Weeknight Dinners for the Family

Vibrantly Healthy Kids

Helping families make healthy choices.

Ashley, owner of Vibrantly Healthy Kids, is a mom who’s currently working toward becoming a Family Nutritionist. She uses her blog to share healthy tips and recipes for the busy family cook, with the goal of “supporting parents in building a foundation of healthy food relationships that can last their children a lifetime.”

Check it out: Weeknight Family Dinner—Vegetable Curry 

Damn Delicious

Quick and easy meals for the home cook.

This blogger is “using simple, fresh ingredients and transforming them into sophisticated and elegant meals for the everyday home cook.” Head to the “Quick and Easy” section for healthy dinner ideas you can throw together on weeknights. Don’t miss her “Freezer Friendly” section for meals you can cook on Sunday and heat up all week long.

Check out: 15 Best Family-Friendly Weeknight Dinners

Yellow Bliss Road

Recipes and ideas from a busy mom and wife.

Kristin, blogger of Yellow Bliss Road, is just like you, a busy mom trying to get it all done. She uses her blog to share tips and ideas, including quick and easy dinners, to help make your life easier. Don’t miss her collection of weekly meal plans if you want to make cooking even easier.

Check out: 26 Easy Weeknight Meals for Busy Families

The Foodie Affair

Favorite family meals from a mother and self-taught cook.

Head to the recipe index of The Foodie Affair and you’ll find a wide range of recipe ideas: “some are healthy low carb recipes, some are sinful, but all are delicious!” explains Sandra, blog owner. Her “main dish” recipe section is broken down by protein or main ingredient, making it easy to pick the best meal for your family.

Check out: 15 Weeknight One Pot Meals for Busy Moms

Little Dairy on the Prairie

Simply delicious food from a mom on a farm.

This fun blog is filled with quick and healthy dinner ideas for weeknights—and then some. Browse sections for sauces, salads, appetizers, bread and more. If you’re looking to get more creative with your cooking, this is the site for you.

Check out: Chicken Taco Pizza [A 20-Minute Meal]

Honest & Truly

A mom of two sharing her favorite family recipes.

If you or your children have dietary restrictions, bookmark Honest & Truly. Michelle, the blogger, has entire sections dedicated to “allergy free and special diets,” with recipes for vegan, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian eaters. Don’t miss her crockpot section either—ideal for busy weekdays.

Check out: Weeknight Chicken Empanadas

Becky’s Best Bites

Making recipes healthier without sacrificing taste.

As you scroll through Becky’s recipe index, you’ll find a wide range of options for quick, healthy dinner ideas. Head to the kid-friendly section if you’re cooking for picky eaters—and check out our Picky Eater Recipes post for more ideas too. Don’t miss her make-ahead and freezer-friendly sections for weeks when you know you’ll have even less time to prep and cook.

Check it out: 15 Minute Italian Chicken Skillet With Kale

The Seasoned Mom

Bringing families together one meal at a time.

The Seasoned Mom, Blair, believes in in “the power of a simple meal to calm the chaos and unite a family.” If you’re in need of quick and healthy dinner ideas right now, download her 10-Minute Miracles guide, which comes with 5 quick-prep dinners “you can make tonight.” You can also sign up for her “Cooking for a Family” Simply Mailed Subscription, which provides you with 3 new dinner recipes, for a family of 4 to 6, each week—along with the grocery list.

Check it out: Dump and Bake Healthy Chicken Parmesan

Bonus: Healthy Height

Quick, healthy recipes for growing kids.

Healthy Height’s kids nutrition blog has quick, healthy recipes for busy parents, and they all have one special ingredient: Healthy Height’s Protein Shake Mix. The mix comes in chocolate and vanilla, so you can pour it into a smoothie or use it to make muffins.

Head to our Recipes and Meal Ideas section to find fun, nutrient-packed ideas, from pancakes to protein smoothies, and if you’re feeding a picky eater, don’t miss our Picky Eater Resources section. If you’re ready to learn about what nutrients your growing child needs, don’t miss the Children’s Nutrition section either.

Check it out: Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes (Breakfast for dinner?)

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