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13 Kids Treats to Cool Down (and Grow Taller!)

13 Kids Treats to Cool Down (and Grow Taller!)

Warmer weather means more active days for your kiddos. Whether you're playing in the yard or on-the-go, it's important to keep your child's nutrition in mind. Keep them fueled with these tasty, healthy treats that all contain the growth-boosting nutrients they need. Each recipe contains Healthy Height shake mix, which is clinically shown to help kids grow!

Summer Treats

1) Healthy Fudgesicle

Cool down with a classic! These healthy homemade fudgesicles require just three ingredients! Cream, water and chocolate Healthy Height Shake Mix. This is a great option for beginners.

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2) Dino Yogurt Pops

Dino Pops

These delicious chocolate dino pops take a yogurt-y spin on the fudgesicle. Best of all, the recipe calls for only two ingredients! Use a dino-shaped popsicle mold to add a bit of fun for your kiddo.

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3) Healthy Organgesicle

Another three-ingredient, healthy version of a classic! Make a homemade orangesicle with orange juice, heavy cream and our shake mix. It doesn't get easier than that!

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4) Strawberry Creamsicle

Use the same heavy cream and shake mix from the above recipe, but add strawberry puree this time. You'll get a tasty strawberries & cream popsicle your kiddo will surely love. Mom of the year!

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5) Berry-Loaded Juice Popsicles

Beat the summer heat with this kid-created, mom-approved recipe. Fill a popsicle mold with your choice of berries, then add the blended mix of Healthy Height Shake Mix and grape juice.

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6) Peach Instant Frozen Yogurt

Peach FroYo

Do your kids ask for ice cream? Try this peach froyo next time! We partnered with a picky eating and toddler recipe expert to create this nutrient-rich "ice cream". 

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7) Mini Berry Granola Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl

Switch up the usual smoothie or yogurt for a growth-boosting, yogurt-based smoothie bowl! This tasty bowl of goodness can be made and in your kiddo's mouth within 5 minutes.

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8) Nutrient-Rich Banana Smoothie 

Replenish your kiddo after an active day with this easy RD-created smoothie. All you need is milk, a banana, nut butter and your chocolate Healthy Height shake mix. Simple yet effective!

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9) Very Berry Smoothie

Take your kid's smoothies up a notch with this colorful concoction that blends fruits, vegetables and chia seeds. It's a great way to sneak in the nutrients they need!

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10) Creamy Chocolate Spinach Smoothie

Creamy Chocolate Spinach Smoothie

Speaking of sneaking in nutrients, give this kid-friendly spinach smoothie a try! It's an easy, healthy snack for your kids with just four ingredients.

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11) Blue Magic Smoothie

Pro Tip: Fun names can often make kids more willing to eat what you put in front of them. How about adding a little "magic" with this RD-created smoothie packed full of nutrition? It has extra staying power to keep your kids fueled until their next meal. 

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12) Green Monster Smoothie

Green Monster Smoothie

Have you successfully introduced your kid to a green smoothie yet? If not, try this MONSTER smoothie! It's full of nutrients, but has an irresistible name to get your kiddos their veggies :)

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13) Chocolate Berry Blast Smoothie

Our friend Amy, picky eating and toddler recipe expert, created a tasty smoothie recipe that gets the family involved! Have your kiddo help make this kid-approved smoothie. 

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Nutrition to Help Kids Grow

Every year our team of Pediatricians at Schneider Children's Medical Center have 20,000 visits from children with issues relating to growth. Our doctors wanted to find a non-invasive way to help children grow and the nutrition in our shake mix is the result of their efforts. The nutrition in our shake mix was shown in a clinical study to promote growth in 6 months, as well as improve sleep patterns in kids who take at least 1 serving per day.

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