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Healthy Homemade School Snacks for Kids

School Nutrition Guide: Healthy Homemade School Snacks for Kids

Healthy homemade snacks put you in control of your child’s nutrition during the school day. With the right snacks tucked into their backpack, you can be sure your little one is getting plenty of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and nutrients, and staying fueled for the school day. These options are also great for after school, especially if your kiddo ate lunch at 10:30am!

Sometimes you need something you can toss together in 10 minutes before running out the door. That’s what these healthy homemade snack ideas are for. Or choose to prep ahead! Cooking food ahead of time makes your life easier during the busy school week. Choose a new healthy homemade snack to prep every Sunday and test each one until you find your kid’s favorites. 

Cucumber Bites

Cucumbers make for the perfect “mock” bread—and serve as a great school snack in a pinch. Find inspiration in these fun recipes, and don’t forget to add ingredients like cream cheese, tuna salad, hummus, or deli meat for staying power.

Chocolate Protein Mug Muffin

With a microwave and a few simple ingredients, including Healthy Height’s chocolate shake mix, you’ll have a delicious muffin. Melanie, from Clean Little Plates, created this recipe, and her little girl loved the special protein ingredient:

“Thanks to my friends at @healthyheight, I was able to serve up a quick chocolatey treat, AND get some essential protein into my precious girl and her sweet little friend! This protein supplement is a dream come true for every mama of a #pickyeater! It is a kid approved flavour, it’s easy to incorporate, and it provides essential protein for their growth. I don’t believe in meal replacements for kids, but I am definitely okay with enhancing their real-foods-diet with wholesome supplements!!”

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P, B & J Apples

Apples are perfect for growing kids. With plenty of fiber and just enough sweet, they make the perfect healthy homemade snack. Instead of just slicing the apple and tossing it into the lunch box, however, have a little fun—and add more nutrients—with this super simple recipe. If your kid’s school doesn’t allow peanuts, opt for an alternative like almond butter or sunflower seed butter.

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Fruit Kabobs With Honey Cinnamon Yogurt Dip

This is the perfect snack for kids who love digging in with their hands. Not to mention, it’s easy to throw together right before you walk out the door. With plenty of nutrients from the fruit, and healthy fat and protein from the yogurt, your little one will be satisfied and fueled for their day. Even better, you can make a chocolate or vanilla yogurt dip by mixing Healthy Height right into the yogurt—simple and delicious!

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Peanut, Chocolate and Banana Smoothie

You may not be able to send this healthy homemade snack to school, but you can throw it together at home for after-school fuel before homework starts. Toss everything into the blender, pour it into a cup, and enjoy.

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Vanilla Cake Balls

Cake for a snack? Even better—it’s healthy cake, in a fun, bite-sized ball shape. This recipe comes from Hannah, the mama in charge of California Toddler, who was in search of a healthy snack for her picky eater. Her secret ingredient? Healthy Height’s vanilla shake mix:

“I don't know about your kiddo/s, but texture in food has been a THING for my guy lately! And by thing I mean that he's being your classic #pickyeater! So, it couldn’t be a more perfect time for us to team up with @HealthyHeight to bring you a delicious snack that is loaded with extra #protein (whey), essential #vitamins, and #minerals! Best of all, these little guys taste like #CAKE, have no funny textures in sight, and are the perfect little addition to school lunches or #snacktime to add a little #nutrition boost!”

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Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are the perfect healthy homemade snack because they have that satisfying crunch. They’re also packed with fiber and protein, and are easy to make. Just toss them in your oil and seasoning of choice, bake and snack away. Check out two recipes below—one sweet and one savory.

Oatmeal, Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

Muffins are a kid-favorite because they’re just like cake. They’re also easy to pack in a lunchbox, making them a perfect homemade healthy snack for the school day. These particular muffins get an extra nutritional boost thanks to protein shake mix, fiber-rich oatmeal and fresh apples.

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are a healthier side option than regular fries when indulging in a burger or chicken at dinner. They’re also delicious by themselves as a healthy snack. With the perfect mix of sweet and salty, these are a kid-approved substitute for buttery popcorn and oily chips too.

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Homemade Goldfish Crackers

Crackers are universally loved by children. Unfortunately, the ones you find at the store are often packed with preservatives and natural flavors. Do away with all the bad ingredients, and enjoy on the best ones, with these homemade goldfish crackers. Bonus: Your little one can help cut out the goldfish shapes!

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No-Bake Healthy Height Brownie Bites

These no-bake brownies are one of our favorite recipes at Healthy Height and can easily be packed in a lunchbox as a healthy homemade snack. They’re indulgent and chocolatey while still providing huge nutritional benefits to your little one with a sweet tooth. Better yet, they’re made with almond flour, perfect for gluten free kids.

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