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Berry Vanilla Fruit Leather

Berry Vanilla Homemade Fruit Leather

Does your kiddo love fruit rollups? Did you know you could make something similar at home, like fruit leather? We partnered with Hannah from California to create a yummy homemade fruit leather you can feel good about serving your kids!

Hannah shares: “It was a super exciting day when I figured out I could make my own fruit leather at home and control exactly what went into it! So, I have partnered up with @HealthyHeight to bring you this simple and delicious recipe for Berry Vanilla Fruit Leather that you can easily make at home and pack up right in those #backtoschool lunchboxes or snack bags. As always, when you add a scoop @healthyheight to your recipes, you get some extra nutrition, including fiber, protein, essential vitamins, minerals and more!”


Tools Needed:

  • Blender
  • Measuring tools
  • Silicone baking sheet or parchment paper
  • Spatula or spoon for spreading
  • Oven


  •  Preheat oven to 170° F.
  • Line a baking sheet with a silicone baking sheet or parchment paper
  • Clean fruit and place in blender with Healthy Height protein powder
  • Blend on high until smooth and then pour onto baking sheet and spread evenly (leave about 1” of a border around the edges)
  • Bake for about 6-7 hours or until fruit leather is done. NOTE: Exact timing varies depending on thickness and fruits used, so be sure to check on it every 30 min to an hour! You know it is done when it's shiny, has a leathery look, is just barely sticky to the touch, and able to peel off fairly easily.
  • Once cooled, cut the fruit leather into strips and separate with fresh parchment paper or roll it up
  • Fruit leather will keep for up to a month at room temp!