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Building good habits with a shake-a-day habit tracker

Building good habits with a shake-a-day

We’ve been talking a lot about habit building recently. Building habits when children are young help to set them up for success and the habits you start for them now will have a big impact on the rest of their lives.

When the Healthy Height team thinks about good habits we’re usually thinking about habits involving food. While we always recommend a balanced diet and “eating the rainbow”, we know kids can throw curveballs. That’s where we come in, and we suggest starting with a shake-a-day!

Benefits of building habits with a shake-a-day

Our research-based shake mix formula includes the right combination of protein, amino acids, vitamins & minerals clinically shown to promote growth. In our study, children who took Healthy Height as directed saw increases in the rate of their linear growth, aka their height. Here are a few of the benefits in taking a shake-a-day:

  • Increase height in 6 months, when taken as directed
  • No increase in body mass index (BMI), growth is proportional
  • Nutrition clinically shown to improve sleep patterns

Stay on track with the Shake-A-Day coloring sheet

Get your kids excited about routine by incentivising them with a coloring sheet habit tracker. Similar to checking something off a to-do list, coloring in boxes as you go is very satisfying for a child. It provides a visual to an end goal. Print and color as many coloring sheets as you’d like and don’t forget your shake-a-day!