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Foolproof Picky Eater Roundup

Foolproof Picky Eater Roundup

Picky eaters can be hard to please, so we put together a foolproof roundup of picky eater approved recipes. And because no two kids are alike, we were sure to include recipes using each of our Healthy Height flavors. Happy cooking!


There’s no fooling a picky eater, that’s why we put together a list of foolproof recipe ideas for picky eaters using our Healthy Height shake mixes. Since we know every kid is different we added recipes using each of our shake mixes, but feel free to swap out the mix for whatever flavor your kiddo likes best.

Recipes using Chocolate Healthy Height

Our chocolate mix reminds kids of a less sweet chocolate milk, it’s creamy and chocolaty, and works great in breakfast and snack recipes alike. Check out a few of these picky eater favorites.

Recipes using Vanilla Healthy Height

The vanilla mix is a picky eater favorite, kids say it tastes like birthday cake and what kid doesn’t like cake? Vanilla is great in protein balls, kind of like cookie dough and bakes well in pancakes and waffles. Here are a handful of our favorite picky eater vanilla recipes.

Recipes using Plain Healthy Height

Have you tried our plain shake mix? Plain mixes seamlessly into so many great recipes and is perfect for picky eaters who prefer a less sweet or unflavored option. Check out a few of the ways we like to add plain Healthy Height into our picky eaters favorite foods.