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8 Healthy Halloween Treats for Your Kiddos

8 Healthy Halloween Treats for Your Kiddos

Halloween Pro Tip: treats can be fun and nourishing! While your kids will likely have a lot of sweets and seasonal treats this time of year, there are options to make some holiday favorite recipes just a bit healthier. Get your kiddos excited for Halloween with these 8 healthy Halloween treat ideas.

Summer Treats

1) Jack-O-Lantern Pancakes

Turn your usual pancake breakfast into Halloween fun! Make jack-o-lantern pumpkin pancakes by adding a chocolate chip face.

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2) Spider Energy Balls

Spider Balls

Get creative with your favorite energy ball! This protein-packed kids snack can be turned into a spooky spider by adding legs and a face.

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3) Easy Pumpkin Pie Dip

Introducing a new favorite! This pumpkin dip comes together quickly and easily, just add your ingredients to the food processor and serve.

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4) Chocolate Pumpkin Dip

This spin on a classic uses chocolate Healthy Height. Yum! Best of all, it's allergy-friendly making it great for a kid's classroom Halloween party.

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5) Magical Disappearing Smoothie

Kids Protein Smoothie

Trick or treat? A little of both! Sneak in the greens with this tasty kids protein smoothie.

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6) Yogurt Dipped-Apples

Swap your caramel or chocolate dip for yogurt! Mix in Healthy Height for added protein and flavor.

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7) Boo Shake

Halloween Protein Smoothie

This Halloween protein smoothie will round out your kids' nutrition while putting a smile on their face!

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8) Hummus "Dirt" Cup

Dirt Pudding Alternative

Dirt cups are a kid-favorite treat! Switch it up this year and try a hummus base instead of pudding.

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