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Healthy Lunch: 8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Lunch Box Inspiration

Children's Nutrition

Healthy Lunch: 8 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Lunch Box Inspiration

School lunches can be a pain, but you know your child needs a good meal to support brain health and make it through the long days at school. Instead of letting your school lunches get into a rut, keep the inspiration flowing by following these Instagram accounts. You’ll find unique foods and new twists on old favorites, plus you get to enjoy the camaraderie of a community of parents just trying to make it work.

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Yummy Toddler Food

Amy Palanjian, a mom of two, shares her best picky eating advice on Instagram. In between relatable posts about getting her two kids to eat, she shares inspiring photos of lunch boxes and at-home lunches. But she doesn’t just toss food in a bag and call it day—she’s sharing fun themed lunch box ideas so you can get creative on days when you have a little more time. Check out her green-themed Halloween lunch box.

Lunches and Littles


This mama is making food fun and colorful. Her focus is relatable for so many parents who are trying to find the balance between healthy and fun: “Often plant-based. Sometimes ice cream.” Follow along to catch her fun lunch ideas and at-home recipes.

Motherhood and Meals

Noelle Martin is a mother of three and registered dietician, and she’s focused on sharing healthy meals that are also doable for every family. She shares healthy lunchbox ideas along with helpful tips, like this one: “I like to offer choice for my kids in snack and meal preparation when possible. It gives them a sense of autonomy, helps develop meal planning skills, and increases their interest in the food they eat.” Follow her for every lunch box post, or check #WhatsForLunchWenesday, which she posts each week.

Practical Mom

This mama is all about the simple lunch boxes, and posts her daily creations. Her goal is to make meal packing easier for you, working with simple foods and basic containers—no fancy lunch boxes or snacks here. Her bio is a reminder of just how relatable she is, “I'm the occasional chip and chicken nugget lunch packing mama but I try my best to keep it healthy, simple, and pretty practical.” Dive in for easy lunches and fresh twists using foods we all know and love.

Lunchbox Dad

This father is all about keeping lunch fun—his focus is on food art, kiddo-style, with themed lunches. If you want to try something out of the box, follow along for lunches featuring Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White and so much more.

Lunch Making Mama

This mother enjoys making pretty lunch boxes for her little one. She says in her bio, “I make ‘bento style’ lunches for my picky eaters and as a form of creative expression for myself.” Use her creative expression to inspire your child’s lunch boxes, including her little lunch box trinkets that will get your kid excited to eat.

Lunch for Your Littles

Karey Richard is sharing lunch box ideas all the way from Dubai, with a focus on “nutritious, colourful and fun lunches.” She shares fun ways to turn regular foods into fun lunch items, from star sandwiches to heart-shaped cucumbers. Her simple ideas are easy to replicate with the foods in your pantry while giving your child a fun lunch to get excited about.

Homemade Happy Meals

If you want fresh, simple ideas, this is the account for you. This stay at home mom is always featuring fun new products that make your life easier, like single serving hummus packs. She also shares fun new recipes that she’s found, like Oatmeal Energy Bites. Don’t miss our Vanilla Cake Balls recipe too!

Goodie Goodie Lunch box

This lunch box packer comes all the way from Australia, and she’s share plenty of fun lunchbox ideas for moms all over the globe. You’ll be inspired to try mini wraps and pizzas and enjoy her relatable motherhood posts about the challenges everyone experiences, no matter where they  live.

My Epicurean Adventures

Follow Christine Yoon-Taylor if you want to get lunchbox inspiration plus fun healthy meal ideas for dinner and breakfast. You’ll be inspired to enjoy cookies for breakfast and that big burger on the restaurant menu because she’s not fancy or pretending to be anything other than a normal mom. As she says in her bio, “Ok, I lied. I'm not a true foodie... ie I'm not fancy. I'll consume (and like) just about anything. I just love to eat and cook sometimes, too.”

RoRos Bento Box

Sonya keeps lunch fun and simple, but likes to deviate from the standard sandwich fair for her kiddos. One day, you’ll find pesto pasta and the next her kids are off with pancakes. She may even inspire you to try foods you might normally stay away from, like salmon and couscous.

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