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High Protein Lunch Box Ideas for Vegetarian Kids

High Protein Lunch Box Ideas for Vegetarian Kids

Your vegetarian eater doesn’t need to come up short in the protein department—quite the contrary, there are many high-protein lunch box ideas for vegetarian kids who need more nutrition every day.

Your vegetarian eater doesn’t need to come up short in the protein department—quite the contrary, there are many high-protein lunch box ideas for vegetarian kids who need more nutrition every day. If you’re struggling to come up with fresh ideas that aren’t peanut butter and jelly, consider how you can make better use of high-protein grains, seeds, beans and Healthy Height Shake Mix.

Vegetarian Recipes for Kids: Make Use of High-Protein Grains

Many grains that your little one loves are likely high in protein, making them the perfect addition to his or her lunchbox. Here are some high-protein grains to try, including total grams of protein per 1/4 cup serving (dry)*:

  • Oats, 3.5 grams
  • Quinoa, 4 grams
  • Wild rice, 4 grams
  • Brown rice, 3 grams

There are so many lunch box ideas you can play with to keep your vegetarian kid filled at lunch. Get creative with the ideas below:

The Whole Grains Council also notes that many other whole grain products are a great source of protein as well, including whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread—just check the ingredients labels for any added preservatives or flours. Pack pasta leftovers for lunch or choose high-quality whole grain brain for sandwiches.

*All nutritional information is from Bob’s Red MIll.

Vegetarian School Lunch Ideas: Get Creative With Seeds

Seeds are an easy way to add both protein and healthy fat to your child’s lunchbox every day without risking issues with schoolmates’ nut allergies. Plus, you can mask them easily without losing any of the protein benefits. Use these fun lunch box ideas for vegetarian kids who love trying fun new foods:

Nut-Free Chocolate Spread: Made with sunflower seeds, this is a great alternative for your nut-free child. Plus, it can be spread on whole grain bread, giving your little one plenty of protein at lunch.

Cacoa and Coconut Seedy Bliss Balls: These will taste more like a treat than lunch, which means your kiddo will love it. Plus, the recipe calls for coconut flour, making them gluten free.  

You can also make your own granola at home and add seeds and oats for a boost of protein. Pack it as a side for a build-your-own yogurt lunch. Your child can add the granola and fruit for some extra protein and fiber. Give this pumpkin seed granola a try.

Vegetarian Protein Shakes: Mix in Healthy Height Shake Mix

Healthy Height Shake Mix isn’t just for smoothies and shakes. It can be mixed into a variety of foods, from yogurt to muffins, to boost nutrition and protein. Healthy Height is packed with 12 grams of protein per serving, plus vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and more.

Healthy Height is also free of gluten, soy, corn syrup and growth hormones, so you can feel good giving it to your growing kiddo. Here are a few recipes to make on Sunday and send to school in your child’s lunchbox throughout the week.

More Vegetarian Protein Sources: Beans!

Beans are perfect when you’re looking for vegetarian lunchbox ideas—you can use them to bulk up sweet snacks like brownies or mix them into rice salad and so much more.

While all beans provide health benefits for your growing kid, remember to break out of the usual black bean routine. Here’s a list of beans to add into the rotation with their total protein per serving, according to the USDA:

  • Chickpeas: 2.4 grams, 1 tablepsoon
  • Lentils: 18 grams, 1 cup
  • Large lima beans: 15 grams, 1 cup
  • Pinto beans: 41 grams, 1 cup
  • Green peas: 8 grams, 1 cup

If you’re ready to give beans a try, check out the following recipes:

Kid Friendly Vegetarian Meals

There are many ways to bring some variety into your child’s lunch while ensuring he or she gets plenty of protein to power through the day. Use these lunch box ideas to change things up and ensure your little one is getting all the nutrition needed to grow and thrive.

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