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New School Year, New Normal: COVID-19 Back to School Routine

New School Year, New Normal: COVID-19 Back to School Routine

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in your lifetime. With that being said, we all know rewards don’t come without challenges.


One of the challenges we hear our parents talk about most often is making sure their child or children are getting all of the proper nutrients they need to support their growth and development.

With more meals likely being prepared at home this fall, nutrition is going to be top of mind and the challenge will be getting your kids to eat what you put in front of them. We know that young children and picky eaters love to push the boundaries on what they will and will not eat. Let Healthy Height help fill the nutritional void by serving a yummy shake with their meal. Your kids will feel like they’re getting a special treat and you’ll get some peace of mind knowing that we’re providing them with additional nutrition to support natural growth. Did you know kids taking at least 1 serving a day and eating a well-balanced diet could see measurable growth in 6 months? Read more about our  clinical study published in the Journal of Pediatrics. ⁣

As promised here are a couple of tips to get your family into the swing of things:

Finding your new normal

We know this year has brought unexpected challenges parents could have never prepared for. Many of us are finding ourselves in a back to school season where the class will now take place in your child’s room. Really giving new meaning to the idea of a classroom. With so many more things to juggle, Healthy Height thought it would be helpful to step in with some recommendations from our community of parents. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be rounding up small suggestions from parents just like you.

Here’s what you can expect to see this back to school season:

    • Quick snacks and even more recipes
    • Tips for keeping a schedule, it’ll provide structure for both kids and parents
    • Recess ideas, how to burn through that endless supply of energy all kids come with
    • How separating home life from school life can make all the difference
    • Keeping friendships alive with tips, tricks and some fun craft ideas
    • And more!

A good day starts with a good night’s sleep

One thing we can more easily control is how much sleep our families are getting! Lack of quality sleep impacts many aspects of life - including academics and growth. Set your kids up for success by  making sleep a priority and encourage them to fall asleep faster by serving a nutrient-packed bedtime snack like this Blueberries and Cream Smoothie.

Subscriptions for the win

Subscription services have been a real gift in these past months, not only do they give us back hours in the day, but they allow us to shop from the comfort and safety of our own homes. Our own subscription program gives our Healthy Height parents comfort in knowing their child’s nutrition will be taken care of month after month. Save time and money! We give an extra 10% off on subscription orders in addition to our Buy More & Save offer. Both of these can be found on our website as you’re adding items to your cart.

If you’re interested in following along be sure you’re signed up for our newsletter or you can join our  Facebook Group!