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Healthy Height Stuffed Oatmeal Snack Bars Recipe

Healthy Height Stuffed Oatmeal Snack Bars Recipe

Kathlena, The Allergy Chef, has over 200 food allergies and intolerances. Several of her allergies are life threatening, and can't drink most water. Additionally, most of the members of her household also have food allergies and special diets, none of them the same. After being given 30 days to live, she made it her mission to help the food allergy and special diet communities thrive. Although she can't eat the food, she helps people find safe & delicious options. Three years from her lowest point, she and her team have published several cookbooks, started a bakery, done local and nationwide outreach, developed hundreds of free recipes & resources, and much more. Learn about all of their ventures at

If you have kids that enjoy oatmeal (or oatmeal cookies), then this snack bar will put a smile on their face for sure. Around here, we love making snack bars from scratch because it means we have complete control over the quality of the ingredients, as well as the sugar content. These bars were designed with kids and sugar-conscious parents in mind. Sweetened with maple and honey, each bar has a total of 13.8g of sugar, most of which are naturally occurring.

As many of you know, we have a Low/No Sugar kid. When purchasing or making snack bars for him I look at several things:

  • First, is it organic? He doesn’t do as well with non-organic items.
  • Then I look at how much sugar is in the item.
  • Next, I look at the calorie to protein to sugar ratio in the item. In the case of these snack bars, I’d be happy with the ratio. These bars have a good calorie count (meaning he won’t be asking for more food too soon after eating), and the protein and sugar are just about equal.
  • Finally, I know that this bar doesn’t contain simple sugars, or a long list of ingredients, which give me an extra layer of peace of mind.

One final note if you have little kids. I beg you, make these WITH your children. They would have so much fun. When I was making these, for just a few minutes, I wished the kids were little again. Now, on to the recipe.

Allergy Status: Wheat/Gluten Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, Yeast Free, Sesame Free, Legume Free, Nightshade Free, Allium Free, Diabetic Friendly

Prep & Serving Size:

25 - 30 minutes

Makes 18 bars

Bar Ingredients:

  • 4 cups Rolled Oats (320g)
  • 6 tbsp. Organic Honey (5 ounces)
  • 2 tsp. Organic Vanilla Extract
  • 1 tsp. Sea Salt
  • 8 ounces Butter, room temperature
  • 3 tbsp. Golden Flax Meal
  • 504g Health Height Vanilla Powder (12 servings)
  • 4 ounces Water

Stuffing Ingredients:


  • Start by combining your honey and room temperature butter. For this recipe, I opted for an electric hand mixer. A stand mixer will work well too.
  • Once combined, add your vanilla, salt, flax, and Healthy Height Vanilla Powder. Mix again very well.
  • Finally, add your water and rolled oats and mix until all of your ingredients are well combined.
  • In a separate bowl, combine all of your stuffing ingredients. This is easily done with a fork.

  • Now it’s time to stuff and bake your oatmeal bars. Using a large cookie dough scooper (or ice cream scooper), portion your batter into 18 parts.

  • One by one, roll each part then flatten. Take a portion of your filling and place in the middle of your flattened batter ball. Finally, fold the batter over the stuffing, making sure to seal the edges.

  • Once sealed, gently shape into a snack bar. Place your bars on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake at 325 degree for 12 to 14 minutes.

 Shelf Life:

  • Freezer - 4 Months
  • Fridge - 6 Days, but they won't be as soft as when fresh baked.


  • This is a sticky batter which can be fun for kids. We opted to use parchment paper during the flattening step to prevent the batter from sticking to our hands.

  • Leaving these bars out overnight yields a bar that’s not as soft as day 1. Remember, it’s an oatmeal snack bar. For softer results, cool and freeze your bars for storage. You can also freeze the batter and make them as needed.

  • Alternative method: Make cookies! Around here, we love cookies. Rather than make a stuffed bar, you can omit the stuffing and make a large oatmeal cookie instead. The baking time and portion size remains the same.

 Nutrition Information:

  • Calories: 350
  • Total Fat: 19.3 g
  • Saturated Fat: 7.3 g
  • Trans Fat: 0 g
  • Cholesterol: 38 mg
  • Sodium: 167.7 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 36.8 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 3.7 g
  • Total Sugars: 13.8 g
  • Inc. Added Sugar: 2.3 g 
  • Protein: 13.75 g
  • Calcium: 190.5 mg
  • Iron: 1.87 mg
  • Potassium: 71mg
  • Vitamin C: 7.6 mg
  • Vitamin A: 38 mcg RAE