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About Us

Created by Nutritional Growth Solutions, Inc., Healthy Heights is a product of a visionary health care system that believes it is the inherent right of every child to live a healthy life in a peaceful world.

In 2010, experts at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel took their wealth of practical and clinical information from dealing with more than 20,000 visits per year from children with issues relating to growth and developed a formula to help children of short stature grow better. The result was Healthy Heights, a great-tasting shake mix for children aged three to nine, who are lean, healthy and short.

Healthy Heights’ nutritional profile was shown in a clinical study to help children grow in height and weight, with no increase in BMI. Nutritional Growth Solutions’ hope is that the children using Healthy Heights will not only grow in height, but also grow in confidence so they can each fulfill their unique potential.

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