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Meet the Team

Headshot of Alyssa L/

Alyssa L.

Digital Marketing and eCommerce Manager

With a creative background and love for storytelling, Alyssa is the puppeteer behind all things related to advertising and the functionality of Healthy Heights’ website. Throughout her career, she has worked in a variety of industries ranging from international broadcasting to investment banking and spent several years as an expat in France, the UK, and Vietnam to hone her marketing and design skills in multiple languages.

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Headshot of Christian P.

Christian P.

Director of Marketing

Throughout his career, Christian has worked with numerous baby, children, and education brands with strong missions to provide better solutions for families. In 2020, he was finally able to welcome a baby daughter to his family, which only deepened his passion for promoting products and communities that support parents along their journey.

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Headshot of Heather S.

Heather S.

Content Marketing Manager

You’ve probably seen Heather pop into your inbox with a new recipe a time or two and when she’s not creating emails you can find her developing recipes, creating our social posts, or putting together events. When she’s not at her desk Heather likes to hang out in the kitchen. She’s a rogue baker, meaning she adds the wet ingredients into the dry, instead of the other way around, gasp!

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Headshot of Kaitlin C.

Kaitlin C.

Director of Product Development and Education // In-House Nutritionist

Kaitlin received her Bachelor's degree in Food and Nutritional Science and Master's degree in Nutritional Science from San Diego State University. In graduate school, she focused on sensory science and studied taste preferences in children.

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Headshot of Liron F.

Liron F.

Chief Executive Officer

Liron first joined our team of doctors in creating Healthy Heights after looking for solutions for her own kids who are picky eaters. As a mom, first and foremost, it was really important she had a product with ingredients she could trust and stand behind.

More about Liron
Headshot of McKenzie H.

McKenzie H.

In-House Nutritionist & Education Specialist

Born and raised in San Diego, McKenzie took a leap and completed a B.S in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Mississippi. After college McKenzie dabbled in sales in Nashville, but decided it was time to return home to the surf and sun and relocated back to San Diego.

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Headshot of Stacy N.

Stacy N.

Director of Global Operations

Stacy lives in San Diego with her three kids and Saint Bernard Molly May. When they are not busy with work and school, their family spends as much time adventuring outdoors and travelling, with a goal of visiting at least 4 new places a year.

More about Stacy
Headshot of Steve T.

Stephen T.


Steve, lives in San Diego with his wife, their two sons and a rambunctious Aussie, Luna. With an incredibly strong background in consumer product development and sales, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the Healthy Heights family.

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Headshot of Whitney O.

Whitney O.

Influencer Relations

Whitney lives in Utah Valley with her husband, two sons, and their dog named Bob. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and before moving to social media marketing, she was an advisor for a handful of student leadership organizations at Utah Valley University.

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