Is My Child Normal Height for Their Age?

Your Child's Height Percentile & Growth

Height and weight charts aren’t reserved for the doctor’s office. You can use them at home for your own personal tracking. Both of these metrics indicate that your child is growing below, at or above the average rate, allowing you to detect any potential issues early in their life. The sooner a growth challenge is detected, the earlier you can address the underly issue. 

Experts at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia explain:

“Many diseases (including infectious, gastrointestinal, kidney, heart and hormonal) can present with growth failure months or years before other symptoms develop, so overlooking growth failure as a clinical clue can lead to delayed diagnosis and treatment. This may adversely affect outcome not only for height, but also for the underlying disease and the child’s overall health.”

Important Height and Weight Charts for Kids

Use the following growth charts and resources to ensure your child is growing at a normal rate and don’t forget to maintain a regular schedule for care visits. This extensive chart outlines when your child should be seeing his or her pediatrician, along with what should be measured at each visit. While your doctor should know this, it’s important to be educated so you can ensure the best care for your child. 

Boys Stature, Weight and BMI

Children 2 to 20 years: Boys Stature-for-age and Weight-for-age: This is a chart you may have seen before, allowing you to track both height and weight for your male child, from ages 2 to 20. There’s also a space to note each reading, so you can keep track of any unusual changes over the years. 

Children 2 to 20 years: Boys BMI-for-age: Body Mass Index is the weight to height ratio for your child, which indicates total body fat. This gives insight as to whether your child is growing proportionally, according to averages for their age group, in both height and weight. You can also calculate this using the calculator below.

Boys Head Circumference-for-Age: Head circumference will be measured at the pediatricians office, but you can easily track at home as well using this chart. Again, make note in the top left for each measurement to keep track of changes over time. 

Girls Stature, Weight and BMI

Children 2 to 20 years: Girls Stature-for-age and Weight-for-age: This is similar chart to the chart you’ll see used at the pediatricians office. Use this to track height and weight for girls, the averages of which differ from those of boys at the same age. Use the tracker in the top left corner to make note of each reading, making it easier to notice any strange patterns to discuss with your child’s doctor.

Children 2 to 20 years: Girls BMI-for-age: Calculate your daughter’s Body Mass Index using this simple chart. BMI indicates total body fat by taking both weight, height and age into account. You can also use the calculator below, inputting the data digitally to get your child’s reading. 

Girls Head Circumference-for-Age: You can use this growth chart to track changes in your child’s head circumference at home, between visits to the pediatrician. Don’t forget to make note of your measurements in the top left corner to keep track of changes over time. 

Kid's Height and Weight Calculators

If you’re struggling with the height and weight charts, use these simple calculators to help you out.

Child Growth Percentile Calculator & Height Predictor: Add your child’s height, weight, gender, and birthday to find out what height percentile he or she falls under. The data used for this calculator is based on the CDC growth charts and can even predict your child’s height at age 20 based on this data.

Body Mass Index Calculator: Simply enter height and weight to calculate BMI.

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