Healthy Height Shake Mix FAQs

How is Healthy Height different from other products?

Healthy Height was tested in a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, the gold standard for clinical studies. Our delicious shake mix is rich in high-quality whey protein and contains vitamins and minerals needed for growth. Healthy Height has also been supplemented with L-arginine, an amino acid shown to be low in children with growth issues. Additionally, Healthy Height is soy-free, gluten-free, rBST free, and contains NO corn syrup, preservatives, human growth hormones, artificial flavors, or colors.

Who may benefit from this product?

While Healthy Height’s formula was studied in children of short stature, our shake mix can also help children who are experiencing a wide range of medical conditions, including low appetite, low BMI, Cystic Fibrosis, ADHD/ADD, picky eating, feeding therapy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and more.

My child is over 9 years old. Should they drink Healthy Height?

While our study looked at growth outcomes in children ages 3-9, some older children can still benefit when their growth plates are still open and active - before the later stages of puberty. We can't speak specifically to how much growth they could see, as we are still studying the effects of Healthy Height on growth in children 9+. If your child has progressed into puberty and is nearing the end of that stage of development, Healthy Height would likely not be able to effectively influence growth to increase their height.

Since Healthy Height is just nutritious food, not medication, there is no harm or risk in older child drinking our delicious shakes for extra nutrition and for supporting their growth.

My child is under 3 years old. Should they drink Healthy Height?

We recommend speaking with your pediatrician about appropriate serving size for children under 3 years of age. We want to prevent very young children from over-consuming vitamins and minerals when you add Healthy Height to their regular diet. Since our shake mix is just food, not medication, your pediatrician should be able to make a recommendation.

How often should my child take Healthy Height?

We recommend Healthy Height be consumed 2 times daily (2 scoops = 1 serving) for maximum benefits, however we realize that with the busy of life this might not always be possible. In our clinical study, those children who consumed our shakes AT LEAST 1 time daily increases in height and weight.

When can my child stop taking Healthy Height?

Our clinical study’s full results were measured at 12 months. Since Healthy Height is nutritious food, it can continue to be consumed beyond 1 year to supplement your child’s diet and to continue to support their growth.

Are there any risks in taking Healthy Height?

No. Healthy Height is nutritious food (not medication), that contains nutritional ingredients that have been shown in a clinical study to help children grow.

Does Healthy Height help with weight gain?

In our clinical study the children saw both height and weight increases. The weight gain was non-obesogenic, meaning it did not caused an increase in BMI and was proportional to height.

We would not recommend Healthy Height to children who are overweight or obese to prevent any additional unwanted weight gain.

Why does Healthy Height work?

Growing children need all kinds of nutrients in order to grow (i.e. protein, vitamins, minerals). When a child doesn’t consume an optimal diet, his/her growth will not be optimal. Healthy Height contains ingredients that are known (from scientific literature) to stimulate growth in children.

Adding Healthy Height to compliment a child’s diet helps them to get the nutrients their body needs for proper growth. The child growth pattern is influenced by genetics (80%) and environmental factors, predominantly nutrition (20%). While nutrition has a less of an influence on growth than genetics, adequate nutrition will ensure that a healthy child will reach his/her full growth potential.

How do I serve Healthy Height?

1 serving is 2 scoops from our bag or 1 single serve packet. Chocolate and vanilla can be added to 4 oz of water or milk to serve as a beverage, while plain should be added to smoothies and other creative recipes for a hidden boost of nutrition. Healthy Height is very versatile and can be added to milkshakes, fruit smoothies, yogurt, or other yummy recipes. Find recipe ideas on our site.

How do I use Healthy Height Plain?

Healthy Height Plain was designed for picky eaters - you can add this neutral-flavored shake mix to fruit smoothies, pancakes, and other yummy recipes and your picky eater won't even know its there! Plus it has no added sugar.

Can taller children benefit from Healthy Height?

Children of all heights can benefit from the added nutrition of Healthy Height! While our clinical study did not include children in higher percentiles, our pediatricians believe children of all heights can benefit from adding Healthy Height to their diet. The addition of high quality protein, vitamins, and minerals are essential for supporting healthy growth.

My child can’t have dairy. Why don’t you have a non-dairy option?

At this time we do not have a non-dairy option available. Healthy Height's formula is based on a published clinical study. The researchers looked at other sources of protein and were unable to get the same results using non-dairy sources. We understand the need for dairy-free options. Our clinical team will continue trying to find a solution for those not able to consume dairy, as our company goal is to help all children reach their full potential.

Are there any of the top 8 allergens in Healthy Height?

Healthy Height does contain milk, so it is not recommended for those with a dairy allergy. Healthy Height does not contain tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, soy, or egg.

Is Healthy Height produced in an allergen-free facility?

Our facility does process common allergens, but has a stringent system in place to prevent cross-contamination. All allergen ingredients are stored separately and between product runs, they swab the lines with the allergen swabs and verify its cleanliness to avoid cross contamination.

What does our 'No-GMOs' statement mean?

No GMOs means we have tested our finished product for the presence of GMOs to ensure it contains no Genetically Modified Organisms. Our dairy-derived ingredients (whey protein concentrate and nonfat dry milk) are derived from conventionally-produced dairy from suppliers where it is common practice for dairy cows to be fed animal feeds that may contain GMO grains such as corn and soy.

Can my child still take a multivitamin while using Healthy Height?

We recommend consulting with your pediatrician about the use of a multivitamin while consuming Healthy Height. We want to prevent children from over consuming vitamins and minerals over the recommended DRIs and RDAs when utilizing both simultaneously.

Is Healthy Height covered by insurance?

Healthy Height is coded for insurance under HCPT code B4160. You should speak to your pediatrician about submitting a letter of medical necessity to see if your insurance will cover or reimburse the cost of Healthy Height.

Is Healthy Height available in my country?

Currently our shakes are available in the US and Canada through our website and Amazon. Our #1 goal is to help children grow all around the world and we’re working to make it available in more countries in the near future. Follow us @HealthyHeight and we’ll post as soon as it’s available.

How does the Healthy Height rewards program work?

After joining the rewards program through the "Refer & Save'" gift icon, existing customers are able to refer their friends for an exclusive reward through their unique referral link. The referred friend will receive a unique discount code for their first purchase ($20 off a $64 or more order). Once the friend's purchase is complete, the advocate will receive a unique discount code for their next purchase ($50 off a $150 or more purchase).

Disclaimer: Must refer new customer to be valid. Not valid with other offers or new/recurring subscriptions. Program is monitored for fraudulent behavior and referrals will be blocked/orders cancelled. Abuse will result in exclusion from program.

How do Healthy Height discount codes work?

Only one discount code can be applied at checkout. Discount codes cannot be stacked, including but not limited to the “Buy More & Save” discounts and seasonal promotions. Please choose one discount code that works best for you.

Kids Nutrition Bar FAQs

What ingredients are in Healthy Height Kids Nutrition bars?

Protein Blend (Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate)
Milk protein isolate is a concentrate derived from cow’s milk and has the same protein profile as milk. Very similar to milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate is a dairy-based protein but contains slightly more protein with less carbohydrates and fat per serving. Both whey and milk protein isolates are complete proteins, meaning they contain all the essential amino acids, which is essential for supporting growth.

Tapioca Syrup
Tapioca syrup is derived from cassava tuber or yucca root and serves to help sweeten the bars. Considered a healthier alternative to corn syrup, the tapioca syrup also helps to keep Healthy Height bars soft and delicious.

Inulin is a commonly used polysaccharide (carbohydrate) used to add insoluble fiber to foods. This type of fiber has been shown to improve gut health because of its role as a prebiotic. Inulin is Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA. Additionally, in a 2005 study, it was found that daily consumption of prebiotic short- and long-chain inulin-type fructans increased calcium absorption and had a positive effect on bone mineralization in prepubertal adolescents. Reference for 2005 study.

Sunflower Oil
Sunflower oil is a healthy plant-based fat - it is very high in mono and polyunsaturated fat. These types of fats have been shown to have positive effects on the cardiovascular system and are especially important for brain development in children.

Vegetable Glycerin
Vegetable glycerin (non-soy source) is derived from plant-based oils. It serves to keep the bars moist without adding lots of extra sugar, like the addition of a syrup would.

Cassava Powder
Like the tapioca syrup, cassava powder is derived from cassava tuber or yucca root. Rather than using a wheat or nut-based flour (to keep the bars nut and gluten free) cassava powder makes the bars gluten-free.

Maca Powder
Maca powder is made from the maca root, which is a cruciferous vegetable native to Peru. It is micronutrient dense and contributes iron to the bars.

Acerola Powder
Acerola powder is made from the acerola cherry, which is native to South and Central America. Acerola is a great source of vitamin C, as well as other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Monk Fruit Extract
Monk fruit extract is a natural sweetener made from monk fruit, which originates from Southeast Asia. It is 150-200 times sweeter than sugar, but doesn't contain any calories and therefore has no impact on blood sugar levels. Monk Fruit sweeteners are recognized by the FDA as a GRAS ingredient.

White Chocolate Coating
Our yummy white chocolate coating uses natural vanilla extract to add even more delicious flavor to the bars. It is important to us that the palm oil we use is environmentally friendly, so we use only sustainably sourced palm oil, as certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Organization.

Cocoa Powder
*Cookies and Cream ONLY
Cocoa powder is made from cacao beans and makes the chocolate Healthy Height Cookies and Cream bar chocolate-y and delicious.

Freeze Dried Strawberry Pieces
*Strawberry Cupcake ONLY
Some of the yummy flavoring in the Strawberry Cupcake bar comes from the natural goodness of real freeze dried strawberry pieces.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Natural Coloring from Radish, Apple, and Blackcurrant Concentrate)
*Strawberry Cupcake ONLY
We insist on keeping all artificial flavors and colors out of our products, so we use the juice from real fruits and vegetables to add a touch of color to our Berry Blast bar

Why a Healthy Height bar?

We have been listening to the feedback of our customers and wanted to offer an alternative to our shake mix for those children who do not like drinking shakes and for those busy parents who need an option for when they are on the go.

Is the nutrition in the Healthy Height bars the same as the Healthy Height shake mix?

Yes, while the ingredients in our bars are different from our shake mix, the nutritional profile is the same!

How are Healthy Height bars different from other snack bars?

Healthy Height bars have the same nutritional profile as our Healthy Height shake mix, which was shown to help children grow in height and weight with 1-2 servings per day over 6 months. When we created our bars we wanted to create something both tasty and nutritious, so we kept the amount of added sugar (only 3g of added sugar) to only what was needed to make them delicious. Also like our Healthy Height shake mixes, our bars are gluten free and do not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Do Healthy Height bars promote growth like Healthy Height shake mix?

The nutritional profile of the bars are the same as the formula in our clinical study, which was shown to help children grow in height and weight with 1-2 servings per day over 6 months.

Do Healthy Height bars contain any common allergens?

The Healthy Height bars contain dairy and soy.

Are Healthy Height bars gluten free?

Yes, Healthy Height bars are gluten-free.

Are Healthy Height bars organic?

At this time Healthy Height bars are not organic. We do use some organic ingredients and hope to move towards a fully organic product in the future.

How much sugar does one Healthy Height bar contain?

Each Healthy Height bar contains a total of 5g of sugar (including 3g of added sugar).

Where are Healthy Height bars made?

Healthy Height bars are made in the USA.

Is the palm oil ingredient used in Healthy Height bars sustainably sourced?

The palm oil used in our bar coating is certified sustainable. It is certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil organization.

How often should my child consume a Healthy Height bar? Can they use shake mix and bars?

Healthy Height shake mix and bars can both be used together to achieve the 2 servings of Healthy Height we recommend each day. You can choose to serve 1 serving of shake mix and 1 bar or choose to serve the bar twice in a day should you prefer.

The bar melted, what do I do?

Melting will happen sometimes, but it is all okay. Your Healthy Height bars are still delicious! Some melting of the bar coating can occur, however the coating will re-harden once the bars cool back off.

How should the Healthy Height bars be stored?

When stored in temperatures above 90 degrees the small amount of coating on our bars may become soft or melt. We suggest keeping these bars in temperatures below 90 degrees - preferable in a cool part of your kitchen. If you have a bar that has melted it is still okay to consume and when brought to room temperature it will solidify again.

What shelf life do Healthy Height bars have?

Healthy Height bars have a 12 month shelf life.

Subscription FAQs

How much do I save with a subscription?

With a subscription, your Healthy Height your products are automatically 10% off, which will be reflected in the price at checkout. You can additionally utilize our Buy More & Save discounts to save 10-20% when you order more when applying the code at checkout (not automatic). Special promotions and discounts are not valid with new or recurring subscriptions.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel at any time at no additional cost. You can also conveniently choose to skip orders if you are not ready for another shipment or will be out of town.

How do I edit my subscription?

When you sign up for your subscription with your first order, you will receive an email with instructions about how to set up your Healthy Height account. Our customer service is also available to assist you with your subscription Monday through Friday from 8am - 5pm PST.

Can I skip a delivery?

Yes, if you need to skip an order for any reason, you can log in to your Healthy Height account and choose to skip any upcoming deliveries.

Our Shake Mix is So Versatile!

Healthy Height is great for rounding out your kiddos’ diet. Fuel their growing bodies with the key nutrients they need with our kid-friendly recipes. It can be made into a simple shake, added to a smoothie, or transformed into a healthy lunchbox-friendly snack!

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