Help Your Child Have a Positive Relationship with Food

Tips to Help Your Child Have a Positive Relationship with Food 

Kids commonly go through a picky eating stage, when getting them to even try different foods can be challenging. During an interview on Fox-TV affiliate WXIX in Cincinnati, nutritionist Kaitlin Cushman gave parents creative tips for making mealtimes a more positive experience. She also explained why Healthy Heights can be the best option for supplementing a picky eater’s  nutritional needs. 

Be consistent about family meal times 

Cushman stressed that family mealtimes are important for nourishing kids’ healthy relationship with food. Children learn by example. Watching other family members eat certain foods will minimize the fear and encourage them to try a few bites. 

If busy schedules tend to interfere with cooking family dinners, these quick tips can help meal prep fit more easily into your schedule. 

Cook as a family 

Involving them in the kitchen will empower them to choose better foods and help them understand that new foods aren’t scary. Cushman suggested having something like a smoothie station, and offer more than just fruit smoothies. Adding peanut butter or a protein powder made for kids is especially important for really active kids or those picky eaters who may be missing out on nutrients. 

“There are certain nutrients kids need to grow,” she explained. Using Healthy Heights as an example, she added that products designed for kids are going to have the right levels of these nutrients. “Plus (Healthy Heights) is a powder! You can throw it into a smoothie. You can throw it into cookies. It’s very versatile.” It’s also a much easier alternative to asking them to swallow pills. Try one of these kid-tested recipes

Be careful not to label foods as good and bad 

Cushman also encouraged families to have an open dialogue about food. “Have a conversation about what something is and why it’s good for you. It’s good for your heart … it’s good for your brain. Kids like to know these things.”  

Enjoy fun, interactive snack activities

Keep mealtime interesting and fun. As time allows, consider decorating the morning waffles. Involve the kids with making homemade lunchables with fruit and hard-boiled eggs. 

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