Introducing a young athlete with a bright future, Dashaun Morris II

Meet Dashaun Morris II Phenomenal Youth Athlete and Straight A Student.

At Healthy Heights, our mission revolves around fostering healthy families and children worldwide. That's why we're excited to introduce you to a young athlete who embodies dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to healthy living like no other. 

Allow us to share the remarkable journey of Dashaun Morris II, who is our feature Healthy Heights hero in the realm of health and fitness.

Dashaun, also known as "Badger," is more than just a 12-year-old prodigy; he's a true inspiration.  As a 10-time indoor/outdoor junior Olympics gold medalist and, a two-time YNC football national champion Dashaun has set the stage for greatness. He even holds a national record in the 4x1 relay.

But it's not just his accolades that make Dashaun a hero.  Dashaun's family shares a passion for wellness that's nothing short of remarkable. They embark on their day together with a rigorous program of exercise at 6 AM each morning. They work out together, practice together, and even plan their meals together. This commitment to supporting each other's health goals is truly an example for us all.

Dashaun says his goal is to become the biggest youth fitness trainer in the country and have his own gym before reaching high school. His academic achievements are equally impressive, as he maintains a straight-A record with his future goal set on attending college and playing football at Notre Dame.  Dashaun's aspiration is not just personal; he also aims to inspire other young individuals seeking to reach their optimum size and strength.

Stories like Dashaun’s inspire us all as our kids prepare for returning to school and get ready to “Go Back Big” this season!  Stories like his inspire us as well, Healthy Heights was first created, to help growing children have access to healthier snacks that support healthier growth.