Healthy Heights Named Best in Show by Trusted Industry Insider


What a banner event! Healthy Heights made its official debut at Expo West 2022, one of the world’s largest health and natural products trade shows, and we were named one the best products at the show. 

Leading integrative and functional medicine expert, best-selling author and frequent TV health guest Bryce Wylde, DHMHS, attends Expo West each year, along with an estimated 85,000 other attendees. This year, he was on the hunt for Best in Show products and ingredients

In this Cityline TV interview from the show, Wylde told viewers his criteria was, “extra, extra stringent. It’s about safety, sustainability, transparency, traceability, efficacy, evidence, purity and potency.” 

Wylde introduced viewers to Healthy Heights by explaining that genetics and our environment influence childhood growth. “If you’re not getting the right amount of nutrition through your formative years, then you’re not going to be as tall as you possibly could be.” Healthy Heights, he told viewers, is a very special formula based on the science from the Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel. 

“This is not your average protein shake,” he stressed. “When we’re talking about children, you have to be extra safe and the scientific evidence has to be there.” He said Healthy Heights has the ingredients to help ensure children reach their optimal height and health. 

As Wylde referenced, Healthy Heights’ trusted, science-backed formulas are based on the research and experience of the ultimate authorities in children’s nutrition: pediatricians at Schneider Children’s Medical Center. This facility is the world-renowned epicenter for identifying nutritional gaps impacting childhood development and researching the best-possible interventions to get kids back on track.

Each ingredient in our formulas is the highest quality, and intentionally selected for its targeted benefits. Please review our products to select the appropriate one for your child’s age, gender and activity level. Be sure to check out our rewards and subscription programs for savings and added benefits.