Hero Tales: Storm Russo Top 8 year Old Quarterback in the Nation

At Healthy Heights, we're dedicated to promoting healthy families and children worldwide.  That's why we're featuring a very unique story about one of our customers and biggest supporters.

Storm Russo is an 8 year old boy turning heads around the world.  He's considered the top 8 year old quarterback in the nation and is a 4 time Youth All American.  He's been featured on NFL Play 60, a program encouraging youth health, and several NFL Hall Of Fame inductees have commented on his talents.

Two years ago Storm's endocrinologist recommended Healthy Heights as a way to support healthy growth and height.  Though he was previously of shorter stature, he has now caught up with his peers. 

Inspired by his favorite NFL quarterbacks, Joe Montana and Patrick Mahomes, Storm aspires to follow in their footsteps. He has already been recognized with multiple All American selections, and has also experienced the limelight as a celebrity model at NYFW's runway.


Storm and the Russo family are a testament to the importance of nutrition and encouraging healthy habits as early as possible.  Who knows what YOUR child could be capable of with an emphasis on nutrition and health?

Everyone has something unique to share with the world, and each person has a way of connecting with others.  It is a privilege for us to be a part of the lives of our customers and to have the opportunity to make a positive and meaningful impact. 

We are committed to providing high-quality nutrition to support the health and well being of children worldwide.   

Thank you for choosing Healthy Heights as your partner for your child's nutrition.  We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to continuing to serve you.

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