Nutritionist Tips for Staying Healthy Through the Holiday's

Best Nutritionist Tips for Staying Healthy 

Eating healthy doesn't always mean getting rid of your favorite foods. At Heathy Heights, we believe giving your kids sound nutrition means adding nutrients - not taking away holiday classics.

Hot cocoa, cookies, cider, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, casseroles, the list goes on. Check out these tips to give your kids the traditions, while also giving them the nutrition they need to thrive.

1. Planning is Key

  • Planning holiday meals is hard enough, and adding picky eaters makes it even more complicated. Talked to your kids about the holiday meal plan and see what they get excited about. Seeing what they are excited about is a good starting place for adding nutritious components to their foods. 

2. Add, Don't Subtract

  • Try to eliminate the "red light, green light" system when it comes to food. Instead of not allowing brownies because they are labeled bad, add some nutritious components so you know your kids are getting the nutrients they need, even with a sweet! 
  • Here's a great recipe example the whole family can enjoy: The Fudgy Protein Brownie

3. Incorporate Fruits and Vegetables into Your Holiday Spread

  • A bowl of berries or a veggie tray goes a long way. During those long hours cooking, get your kids involved in the kitchen. Have them clean the berries, or pick out which veggies they want on the tray.
  • Having readily available healthy snacks is a great way to teach intuitive eating, while also not having your kids fill up on chips and sweets around the holidays.

4. Have Pantry Staples 

  • Having a go-to nutritious option when you're in a pinch is key. We recommend Grow Daily or Kidz Protein for when you picky eaters refuse the special holiday sides. Just mix with 4 oz of water and you can be confident your kids will have the nutrients they need to thrive!

5. Take a Family Walk or Play Outside After a Big Meal

  • Getting outside is not only a great way to bond, but it is beneficial for digestion and energy levels. Exercise will help beat the post feast crash - keeping an activity and sleep schedule is important for childhood development. 

6. Check Out Our Holiday Recipes!